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Thank you for being a Lion!

Dear Subscriber,

Few volunteer activities are more important to the Easton Lions Club than fundraising. After all, the revenue that you generate allows the Club to make donations to Lions causes and local charities. So, thank you for your contribution to our fundraising efforts. It is greatly appreciated by the Club and our beneficiaries.

We have been working on improving the way we interface with our benefactors. Please help us by filling out this brief survey so that we can better understand the needs and preferences of those members who make ‘the ask.’ This will help us draft new policies and procedures to standardize our approach.

We are looking for as much input as we can find. As such, this message is intended to reach all our membership - not only our solicitors. Please consider spending the time to help the club on this endeavor. Please use the button below to start the survey.
Thank you for your service as a Lion!
Happy St. Patrick's Day,
Andrew Parker, President
Easton Lions Club
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