2015 Charity Auction a Success

March 12, 2015, North Easton, MA

Auction Set-up showing fuull floor activity

The Easton Lions Club held its 29th Annual Live Charity Auction on March 1, 2015, www.EastonLionsAuction.org. It took over 200 volunteers and countless number of bidders to make the Auction a resounding success. With everyone’s spirits high and “get it done” enthusiasm on Auction day we generated over $30,000 by days end.  Our Auction volunteers included

  • 83 Lions (55%) of the Club’s members,
  • 19 technology specialist,
  • 21 adult volunteers from Easton,
  • 8 OAHS Leo Club members,
  • 40 members of OAHS Student Council and sports teams, and
  • 35 Boy Scouts, Brownies, Cub Scouts, and Daisies

Easton Lions Club LCI LogoThe Easton Lions Club is a 501(3)(c) non-profit Foundation and give 100% of Auction proceeds back to the community.  Since the Auction’s inception 29 years ago, we have supported numerous Easton community groups, the Massachusetts Lions Eye Research Fund for the prevention and cure of blindness, and helped those with hearing problems in our district through the Massachusetts Hearing Foundation, led by President, Mike Melley, an Easton Lion.  The Auction continues to be our largest fund-raising event of the year.

Bob Cuhna presenting board A itemsWhen the Club started the Auction 29 years ago, there were far fewer members, but with Don Anderson’s perseverance, he convinced the Club that it could pull off such an event. Each year the Lions Club strives to improve the Auction for all participants. This year, the Club had the added challenge of the unprecedented winter snowfall and new technological hurdles. When the snowstorms in early February forced us to postpone the event 3 weeks, the Lions took it in stride, using the extra time to solicit more items, work the kinks out, and reconfigure the auction for the March 1st date.

The Easton community also rose to the challenge with their generous donations. As the Auction has grown, many folks have stepped-up to help including local businesses, public officials, Easton organizations, schools, and community members at large.  The planning work began 6 months ahead of the event and donations from local businesses and residents started coming in soon after. Their response to our solicitors has been outstanding each year.

Jason Daniels, and his crew from Easton Community Access Television (ECAT), generously donated their expertise and services setting up our “TV Studio” in the OOAHS Cafeteria.  They also supported the Auction as “Producers” and collaboratively worked with Lions members to direct the show and showed Boy and Girl Scouts how to work the cameras. We THANK ECAT for all the contributions they provided from pre-planning to Auction day, we could not have done this without Jason and his crew.

Lion walking to the left-black and white drawingBidders watched the Auction, from start to finish, on ECAT local cable channels Comcast 9 and Verizon 22.  ECAT also provided the technology to simulcast the auction online through www.EastonLionsAuction.org via UStream, so even folks out-of-town could keep up with the bidding during the live Auction event.

Behind the scenes work was critical to our success.  It required the commitment of many Lions to serve as “Captains” in key functions and production processes. From manpower, solicitors and volunteer recruitment to technology training, inventory control and publicity.  We were very fortunate to again have the services of two community volunteers, a software designer, Huy Vu and network technology/phone specialist Dan Kupferman.  These two guys spent tireless hours making sure our technology worked throughout the day and helped in planning making sure we had the equipment needed for pull off a successful event.

We thank both Huy and Dan for their invaluable support over the years as well as fellow Lions who helped them, Dale Kerester, Ken Love, Matt Cioffi and Rob Goodrich. Other key roles filled by Lions included Bill Palmer on the phones, inventory control managed by Dale Kerester, Ken Love, Sally Zussman, bid management managed by Ken Love, bid confirmations managed by Rob Goodrich and Lynn Kingsbury, and item pick up and payment headed up by Dennis Gutman, Beth Bredesen, and Mark Ingalls. With several unanticipated technology challenges, we thank all who gave of their time and expertise to be on-site to make everything work so smoothly. 

We express our deepest gratitude to ALL the Lions who helped before, during and after the auction.  We’d also like to thank Stonehill’s Into The Streets students, the many student organizations from Oliver Ames High School, boy scout and girl scout troops and the many other Easton groups that helped this year!  From the pre-auction army of solicitors to the set-up and take-down crews after the cameras were put away and all the folks helping in between with scripts, food prep, presentation, runners, and so much more.  We THANK YOU ALL, you made this a great success!

Nancy Sullivan, Chair of this year’s Auction, speaks for the entire Easton Lions Club in sincerely THANKING our community’s businesses and sponsors who donated their time, money, and support for this community event.  Please be sure to “give back” to them by visiting the businesses and sponsors who supported the auction this year. Their links and names are still posted at EastonLionsAuction.com

International President Sid L Scruggs, III, the LCIF 2011-2012 Chairperson said it well: “We Serve when we let the light of hope shine through you and me.”

Check-out photos from this year’s auction:

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